Drawing the Perfect Bath

Plan your ideal bathroom layout

Story by Meredith S. Jensen | Photos by Zoua Reighter

Don’t love the look of your loo? Time for a remodel! Whether you’re redoing your bath or planning it from the tile up, there’s a lot to take under consideration.

There are many design opportunities in the master bathroom — don’t treat it as an afterthought! Focus first on the grand vision and how it fits stylistically with your bedroom. This makes it easier to plan a space layout and pick the appropriate fixtures. A Victorian bathroom won’t mesh well with a contemporary Cape Cod bedroom, for example.

Make use of negative space to create a bench in the shower.

The full bathroom is one of the most important rooms after the kitchen. It needs to be practical enough to put up with a flurry of activity in the morning, be efficient enough to have ample storage without sacrificing space, and be relaxing enough to enjoy a hot bath. A wide range of ages will be in and out of this space, so try to be a little more neutral and functional with your design.

A half bath isn’t one to be ignored, either. This one is usually the “public” bathroom, where your guests will go to wash up before dinner or touch up their hair before you leave for a date. Usually a smaller space, you’ll want to avoid tiny details or a lot of fussy décor. Pro tip: No one likes to be surrounded by tiny decorative soaps.

At the base of every demo should be one core question: how do you use the space? Aside from the obvious, consider how much time you spend in your bathroom, how many people use it, what time of day are you in there most often, etc. Once you have these answers, the details will fall into place.

The master bath can be the perfect space in your home to highlight unique accents — like this custom beveled glass window or built-in vanity.