DJ Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to hiring a DJ for you special day it is important to know the ins and outs of hiring the right professional so that your music reflects your style and theme of the day. DJ B-Funk, a professional DJ with 15 years of experience crafting playlists and setting the vibe for brides throughout Ohio shares his list of Dos and Don’ts to help you hire the right company or individual for the job


DJ B-Funk shared the top songs that take his weddings over the top:

Bruno Mars: “24K Magic,” “Uptown Funk”
Jackson 5: “Want You Back”
Garth Brooks: “Friends In Low Places”
AC/DC: “Shook Me All Night Long”
Usher: “Yeah”
Taylor Swift: “Shake it Off”
Pharrell: “Happy”
Contours: “Do You Love Me”
Otis Day: “Shout”
Sugar Hill Gang: “Apache”


  • Know what you want from the DJ. Just playing music will only go so far. Do you want someone to be front and center? Or more of a background music player? Do you want newer music or classic period of time?
  • Ask your DJ if they do any other events.
  • Research your DJ, look at their reviews.
  • Ask your friends for the information on a wedding DJ you enjoyed, you’ve already seen them in action. And if they’re booked they may know someone who is similar in style.
  • Trust the DJ’s ideas or opinions, we’re the professionals and it’s our job to make your day the best.
  • ASK QUESTIONS (any and all questions) There’s no question your DJ shouldn’t be able to answer, no matter how small it may seem.
  • Start a Spotify or Apple Music playlist and add to it with your fiancé, add to it as songs hit you in the car, or while watching TV.
  • Ask your guests for song suggestions on your invitations.
  • Ask if they DJ has a wireless mic, confirm it’s available for the event.


  • Try and fill all time with music or ideas; you’re hiring a DJ to save you time and work.
  • Ask the DJ to “just play some music.” We should be tailoring the night to your likes and dislikes and we can only figure that out with you input
  • Forget that this is your wedding. There is no wrong way to do it! If you want to buck tradition that’s fine. It’s YOUR day and if someone doesn’t like it, they can throw their own wedding instead.
  • Wait until the last minute to book your DJ. The music and dancing is the last thing people will remember about your wedding and booking a DJ is usually the last thing people do. Many of the great DJs are booked well over a year in advance. We don’t need a lot of details, just typically what day you’re thinking. So get on it!
  • Forget to pay the DJ. Ask him or her how they’d like to be paid and have someone OTHER than you handle that so day of you can just be enjoying being married and not having to stop and write checks. Write a check in advance and give this to the best man or maid of honor to give the DJ.