Meet Contributor Tania Meek

Tania Meek spends her days as many of us do – endeavoring to balance family, faith, community and friendship, only to feel as if she might be getting it right just a sprinkling of the time. She’s been blessed to experience many life adventures with her best friend, who she’s been married to for more than twenty years. She is also a mother of two teens, and an adopted mom of one pup and two kitties. Her six “children” keep her life both busy and exciting.

In her spare time, she endeavors to spread love and light to her friends and community through her passion for blogging, photography, public speaking and free-lance writing. Her preferred way to spend an afternoon is encouraging, listening, and leaning in one on one – preferably over a cup of coffee.

She is also currently knee deep in a do-it-yourself renovation with her husband on their 80’s bi-level ranch home in southeastern Ohio, which she has affectionately nicknamed the Cocoa House.

On the rare occasion she is able to break from the reno and real life, she delights in traveling and exploring the world around her. On a perfect evening, she and her best friend can be spotted riding off into the sunset on the back of their Harley Davidson Road King Classic.

Find inspiration by following Tania Meek’s life adventures on Facebook and Instagram and her soon-to-be released blog – Cocoa Conversations or email her at